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  • To celebrate its 140 years, French brand S.T. Dupont has launched a unique collection inspired by his illustrious past clients: Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, a new thematic edition with a complete range of products for her and for him.

    “The Exclusive Audrey Hepburn™ Limited Edition – She asked. We answered. As we answer you today. The bag. The pen.The lighter. As commissioned by Audrey Hepburn™ in 1953. The same flawless calfskin, palladium detailing delicate lacquer.

    The Exclusive Humphrey Bogart™ Collection – Bespoke in 1947./ Yours today. Humphrey Bogart™’s bag, lighter and pen : Canvas and cotton oiled with with his quickfire wit, 18k gold detailed with his silhouette and signature. It’s not everyday. But it’s all you’ll ever need.”

    Great gift ideas!

    [ Source: S.T. Dupont ]

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