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    World’s Most Expensive Coffee now on sale at Harrods


    Harrods continues to astonish its customers with the most expensive and luxurious coffee in the world, Terra Nera. Originating from Quechua, a region of the Peruvian Andes with exceptional altitude, the coffee cherries are passed through the civet cat’s digestive system, and are then hand-collected to be processed. 100% Arabica, the Uchunari coffee has a rich aroma displaying hints of bitter cocoa, hazelnut and dry leather with a light, clean […]

    Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table


    Created by Charly Molinelli of Molinelli Designs, this controversial art piece “Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table” is made of crashed ferrari scrap. “It was hard to find a Ferrari that had been crashed hard enough for it to be completely written off.” said the French artist. Remember, when you crash a Ferrari next time, you can always turn it into a

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