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Top 11 Most Valuable Luxury & Fashion Brands of 2014

Brand consultants Interbrand released its annual ‘Best Global Brands’ report for 2014, based on brand earnings. Today we bring you the top ten luxury and fashion brands which features familiar names. Which brand do you think will top the list? Check out the full breakdown below and for a general index of 2014’s leading global brands visit Interbrand site. Let us know if you thought some brands would rank higher.

11. Hugo Boss 4,143 $m
10. Ralph Lauren 4,979 $m
Ralph Lauren Shanghai
9. Burberry 5,594 $m
8. Tiffany & Co. $5,936m
Tiffany & Co. store
7. Prada $5,977m
6. Cartier $7,449m
5. Hermes $8,977m
hermes store
4. Gucci $10,385m
3. Zara $12,126
zara london
2. H&M $21,083m
1. Louis Vuitton $22,552m
Louis Vuitton window store

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