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Bang & Olufsen launches BeoLab 15/16 Speakers

Bang & Olufsen, the Danish provider of high-end audio and video products, launched at CES 2013 in Las Vegas a new sound system, Beolab 15/16 & Amplifier 1. What’s different about this system is that it’s been designed specifically for in-wall or in-ceiling placement, looking like pieces of art.

“This active built-in sound solution was conceived for installations where people want great sound without having to find room for freestanding speakers,” says Bang & Olufsen Product Manager, Michael Jensen. “The combination of two speakers and a subwoofer – all built-in, all with drivers powered by separate amps – deliver a premium sound experience throughout the room. Additionally, the motorized tilt adds a touch of practical magic to enhance the listening experience.”

Priced at $4595 the new sound system that includes a pair of BeoLab 15 speakers, BeoLab 16 and the Amplifier 1, is available at selected Bang & Olufsen stores from January 2013.

Designer Anders Hermansen
Dimensions BeoLab 15: 25.4 x 10.25 /4.4 lb. Closed – outside wall 0.45 cm. Opened – outside wall 8.3 cm.
BeoLab 16: 34.9 x 10.25 /11.25 lb. Outside wall 2.0 cm
Material(s) Cabinet: Aluminium and composite materials, Cover: Fabric
Colour(s) Cabinet/Cover: White/white

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