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Magpul Ronin 1125R

magpul-ronin-1125r-3This concept bike  Magpul Ronin 1125R was developed by firearms accessories and parts manufacturer Magpul. Built around the 1125R Buell engine and chassis the bike will be produced in a limited run of just 47 units  – in honor of the 47 Ronin story from feudal Japan.

“Each hand-built bike will be issued a name – in lieu of a serial number – that corresponds with each of the 47 Ronin of ancient Japanese lore. An initial release of 10 bikes in the original silver and black trim will start at $38,000. There will be multiple incarnations in the line at price points corresponding with their finish and features.”

First release will make its debut in mid-2013, if you want one visit Ronin Motorworks to find out how to order yours.