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Caviar iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo by Elijah Giacometti

The iPhone 5 is a beautiful device on its own, but the renowned Italian jeweler Elijah Giacometti has come up what is said to be the most brutal male phone ever, the CAVIAR iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo. Created in cooperation with Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. this masterpiece comes crafted from titanium and carbon fiber.

“The notable highlight of the model ‘2006,811 are the logo and plaque covered with gold or ruthenium, which is a dark, almost black metal of the platinum group that doesn’t dissolves in acids (even in aqua regia). The rear panel of the CAVIAR iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo has been crafted with tempered MPE titanium grade DIN 3.7145 , laser engraving TiTouch – Cella, and automobile carbon Battaglin.”

Notably, the phone comes in branded leather case, and with an offer for an engraving a unique phone number. Priced at $4,260 limited to just 299 examples.

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