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Xhibitionist Superyacht Concept by Gray Designs

Xhibitionist Superyacht
Brainchild of renown Swedish-based designer, Eduard Gray, has brought out an incredible concept superyacht called quite accurately, the Xhibitionist. The Xhibitionist yacht is described as a “masterful blend of style, purpose and efficiency.”

The luxurious yacht is energy efficient, housing massive solar panels which provide power to the vessel and they’re sturdy enough to act as a helipad, concert stage, or whatever else suits the need of the owner.
It features two separate areas, one with a Jacuzzi, providing guests with ample space to unwind in comfort and take in the views and sunshine.

As far as investments go, the Xhibitionist resembles more of a real estate and marketing venture than a yacht. If so desired, it can effectively be used as an exclusive, floating showroom.
What do you think? Would you like to own the Xhibitionist?

Watch the video below of the 75 m mega yacht Xhibitionist superyacht concept, designed by Eduard Gray.

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