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Venenum – The first U-Boat Bike

Italian watch manufacturer U-Boat unveiled a new custom motorcycle at Baselworld 2013. Always attracted by speed and motors, designer Italo Fontana teamed up with Dino Romano, famous Special Triumph customizer, deciding to combine their forces and undisputed talents into a new creation: the Venenum. This impressive “Made in Tuscany” ride is realized on Triumph Rocket III with three cilinders engine of 140 Cu.in displacement and 220 Nm torque, Venenum boasts 160 horse power , an wheelbase of 66,7 in. The total lenght is 97,6 in., with a rear tyre of 240 wide and 595 Lbs total weight. Limited edition of 100 units only , Venenum will be a one of a kind creation and highly handmade customizable. No word on price yet , we will update you on price and availability when this information becomes available.

Photos: Ugo Martens / Courtesy of U-BOAT