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Pinstripe Yacht Tender by Gray Design

Swedish design studio, Gray Design introduced its latest projects, a new Pinstripe yacht tender concept. Inspired by a pinstripe suit, the tender was initially developed as a VIP transport for high fashion brands to ferry guests around a marina.
“One of the purposes of this tender is to serve as a supply boat, and the bow area of the boat is laid out to provide a frontal loading area that is protected by stainless steel strips, allowing for easy loading and unloading of supplies. The central stairway enables quick access for fast turnarounds on busy days.” explains principal designer at Gray Design, Eduard Gray.

“Another innovation is the flexible seating arrangement with floor sliders that allow more room to be created for guests who prefer more legroom, extra seating for high capacity transportation or can be removed completely for extra cargo space.”

However, the main feature is the inclusion of a hydrogen propulsion system.

“It’s drive system is made up of a hydrogen propulsion system from Alexys Yachts, who have perfected a way of storing and propelling marine vessels with this environmentally friendly alternative fuel which is set to revolutionise the yacht industry. We are one of the first companies to access this incredible technology and will be developing more designs in the future based on this ground breaking technology,” says Gray.

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