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Jeff Koons x Dom Pérignon Collaboration

American artist Jeff Koons has teamed up with luxury champagne, Dom Pérignon to create a sculpture for their Rosé Vintage 2003. This creation which contains a bottle of champagne is a smaller version of his Balloon Venus sculpture (currently on view at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City) an artwork inspired by Venus of Willendorf, a figurine believed to be from 22000-24000 BC.

“The ‘Balloon Venus’ here in the gallery,” he said, referring to the oversize original, “even to manufacture, it’s a couple of million euros.” – Koons explained to WWD. “So you have your Dom Pérignon, which has its own expenses in production, but this is just something more accessible to people,” Koons went on. “And even though it is still a luxury, there is greater accessibility and at the same time it’s a product that’s able to be made and to the highest standards.”

The whole thing can be yours for $20,000 USD ; to order this Balloon Venus Dom Pérignon 2003 limited edition, visit www.domperignon.com.

Photos Courtesy of Dom Pérignon