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Adastra, The Wonderful Superyacht by John Shuttleworth

superyacht-adastra-1Say hello to Adastra, a 42.5 metre luxury superyacht designed by UK based boat designer John Shuttleworth. Built in China by McConaghy Boats over a period of five years, this futuristic trimaran was conceived for Hong Kong businessman Anto Marden, for long range cruising. As you would expect, the yacht is equipped with all of the amenities a master cabin, two guest cabins, luxury bathrooms, sauna, whirlpool, a fully functional kitchen, and a huge deck for relaxing. It can also house up to 9 guests and 6 crew members. Valued at $15 million, Adastra is powered by one Caterpillar C18 engine of 1150hp at 2300 rpm and has 2 Yanmar 110hp @ 3200 rpm outrigger engines – fuel consumption at 10.5 knots is as low as 17 litres per hour when carrying 10% fuel and water. At cruising load (20 tonnes fuel and water) she uses just 25 litres per hour therefore on delivery trips her range is 10,000 miles starting with 30,000 litres of fuel.

The Shuttleworth design team writes:

“We have undertaken state of the art structural analysis of all the major components in the yacht in order to achieve the light weight required for very low fuel consumption. The deck and superstructure is constructed from carbon fibre with Nomex honeycomb core, the hull is glass/kevlar foam sandwich and the interior is light weight oak cabinetry using honeycomb panels. To help reduce weight further, virtually every aspect of the boat is custom built. This includes carbon fibre hatches, toilets, portlights and ladders, which are all built specifically for the vessel.

Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics above the water line were carefully considered as we developed the overall exterior shape and we kept the boat streamlined both for air and water passing over the structure. The smooth seamless, unbroken surfaces also help to reduce weight as the outer-skin forms part of the structure to absorb torsional loads.”

Adastra, received awards in three categories at the 2013 ShowBoats Design Awards.

Naval Architecture – Winner
Newcomer of the Year – Winner
Exterior Design and Styling – Judges’ Commendation


*UPDATE: Built back in 2012 at a cool $15 million, this insane vessel is up for sale, and could be yours for a cool $12 million. All offers direct to seller: [email protected]



LOA: 42.5 m
beam: 16 m
hull draft: 1.12 m (1.6m to tip of rudder)
main engine: 1x caterpillar c18 -1150 hp @ 2300 rpm
outrigger engines: 2x yanmar 110hp @ 3200 rpm
generators: 2 x 36 kw custom in the outriggers linked to 110 hp yanmar engines, and 1x 26 kw northern lights in main engine room
owner and guest capacity: 9
crew: 5-6
tenders: 4.9m stored on the aft deck and a 3.1m stored in the garage
freshwater capacity: 2x 800 gph fresh water makers – 2,700 litres water
displacement light: fully equipped and full stores and crew, no fuel and no water – 52 tonnes
displacement cruising max: (normal operational load) 15,000 litres fuel – 67.6 tonnes
fuel capacity max: 30,000 litres fuel (only for occasional long ocean passages)
speed max: 23.2 knots
fuel consumption at 10.5 knots measured – 25 litres/hour with 20 tonnes fuel and water; measured 17 litres/hr with 3 tonnes fuel and water;
range at 10.5 knots 10,000 miles
fuel consumption at 13 knots measured – 60 litres/hour with 20 tonnes fuel and water
measured 40 litres/hr with 3 tonnes fuel and water
fuel consumption at 17 knots measured – 130 litres/hour with 20 tonnes fuel and water; measured 100 litres/hr with 3 tonnes fuel and water;
range at 17 knots 4,000 miles.
exterior styling: john shuttleworth yacht designs ltd. and orion shuttleworth design ltd.
naval architecture: john shuttleworth yacht designs ltd.
structural design: john shuttleworth yacht designs ltd. & applied structural analysis ltd.
interior design: jepsen designs, hong kong
builder: mcconaghy boats, zhuhai, china

To find out more about, visit John Shuttleworth’s website.