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The Bully by Deus Ex Machina USA

Another awesome custom bike by Deus Ex Machina called “The Bully”. This new build from Woolie’s Workshop comes from a post-collision remains of a Buell Lightning X1 after it was brought to the Deus workshop. After having its chassis stabilized and receiving a new subframe and swingarm, the bike received the builders signature blend of artistry and craftsmanship, using as many American made parts as possible. The aluminum gas tank and seat, both handmade, are shapes inspired by the ‘80s, the gas tank referencing an 80s TZ250 and the seat 80s Superbike, while the paint scheme was derived from a pair of the owner’s self designed Nike high-tops.

“It feels like a very well planted, comfortable, smooth riding bike even at extreme lean angles. For a heavy bike that’s kind of unusual,” says Woolie. “When you sit on that thing it shakes and it thumps and it pulls. The thing is just aggressive. It feels like a bully.”



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