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Ducati SportClassic by Revival Cycles

Texas-based Revival Cycles revamped this vintage Ducati SportClassic from top to bottom, and the result is as awesome as you’d expect. “It sounds amazing, runs perfectly, carves corners like a race bike and stops on a dime,” says Revival’s founder Alan Stulberg. “It is hands down our favorite motorcycle we’ve ever built.” The bike features a customized alloy tank, tail section, fenders, mounts, exhaust and much more. The wheels are Alpina carbon fiber with new Michelin Pilot racing wet-weather tires; and there’s a full Discacciati braking system too, from JC/Pakbikes. The beautiful brown leather saddle with matching handlebar grips finishes off this beautiful piece. Visit Revival Cycles website for more information on their projects.




[ Via : Bikeexif ]