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The Aeroboat superyacht by Claydon Reeves

Aeroboat superyacht
UK designer Claydon Reeves has unveiled a luxury speedboat inspired by the legendary Spitfire fighter plane – The Aeroboat. The remarkable-looking superyacht tender will be powered by the Rolls Royce Merlin V12 engine, delivering up to 2,100hp and reaching speeds of over 50 knots.

“We are determined to revolutionise yacht design. The Aeroboat is based on innovative, modern materials, fresh design thinking and growing demand for eye-catching shapes and individuality on the water.” commented the co-founder of Claydon Reeves and Aeroboat designer, Mike Reeves.

Claydon Reeves intends to build only ten Aeroboats. Priced between $3 million to $4.5 million, each will be tailored to the customer’s specifications.

Main Characteristics of the Aeroboat yacht tender
LOA: 14.64m
Beam: 2.98m
Max draft: 1.14m (depending on propellers)
Weight: 7,700kg
Passengers: 7 max
Power: 1600-2100hp
Max speed: 50 knots

Claydon Reeves Debuts Rolls Royce-Powered Aeroboat Inspired by the Spitfire



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