Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Le Meurice-Paris

I am sure everybody around here loves to eat. This particular list recently released by The Daily Meal talks of the most expensive restaurants in the world. France, Japan and Switzerland are home to some of the world’s most expensive restaurants in the world. Check out the countdown below.

10. Schloss Schauenstein, Furstenau, Switzerland $269

9. Michel Bras Toya, Toya, Japan $287

8. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, London $289

7. Hotel de Ville, Crissier, Switzerland $318

6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives $320

5. Aragawa, Tokyo, Japan $370

4. Maison Pic, Valence, France $445

3. Masa, New York City $450

2. Le Meurice, Paris, France $509

1. Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan $600/person

If anyone was in one of these place, we wait for their opinion. So let us know in the comments below.

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