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iPhone 3GS Supreme by Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes, a renowned British designer from Liverpool, has created an iPhone that costs a staggering L1.92 million (US$3.2 million). This luxurious phone is an exquisite masterpiece that you would never want to lose or misplace. Hughes dedicated ten months to create this unique iPhone, which features a casing made entirely of 271 grams of 22ct solid gold.

The front bezel of the phone houses 136 flawless diamonds, which are of color F and weigh a whopping 68 carats. The rear logo, crafted in solid gold, is adorned with 53 flawless diamonds that weigh a total of 1 carat. The front navigation button, on the other hand, has a single cut, extremely rare diamond that weighs 7.1 carats. The attention to detail and the sheer opulence of this iPhone is absolutely breathtaking. It’s truly a remarkable creation by Stuart Hughes that leaves everyone in awe.

Source: Stuart Hughes

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