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BASEL 2011: Louis Vuitton Watches

Big name of fashion industry, Louis Vuitton has decided it is finally time to take part in the biggest watch fair in the industry, Baselworld. Their stand is on a boat moored alongside Basel’s most prestigious hotel;

Hamdi’s first move, when he took over the reins of the company, was to reduce the number of models by 50% and to concentrate solely on watches which have a travel function and only in one case style, this was done to give the brand a tight focus and to establish a brand style. The decision was made, in keeping with the brand’s position at the pinnacle of the LVMH empire, to go for the high end of watchmaking (which is, of course, to be expected considering that Hamdi’s résumé includes running the Opus series for Harry Winston & the Villeret operation for Montblanc). To this end they have made some startling decisions for what is, after all, a quite small operation; they will use all their own movements, they will start from the top of the market and work down and they will keep their identity separate from the rest of the LVMH empire.

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