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Fiat 500 Limousine by Castagna Milano

Fiat 500 LimoCity President

Italian tuner Castagna Milano plans to build three special limousine conversions of the Fiat 500: the LimoSun, LimoCity and a LimoCity Presidential. The 500 city car has been stretched in length to 5.32 meters, compared to the 3.5 meters of the standard version. The LimoCity President (pictured above) is built for the American market, green, being powered by two electric motors which give the vehicle a top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h) with a range of 250 km.


Fiat 500 LimoCity

The LimoCity features a circular sofa couch, mini-bar, electric sliding doors.

Fiat 500 LimoSun

The LimoSun features the familiar convertible roof layout with four seats facing each other, and sides being able to be closed by using transparent panels.

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