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Ferrari x Hasselblad H4D-40 Limited Edition Camera

Italian luxury auto maker Ferarri teamed up with Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad for this stunning, limited edition H4D-40 Camera. Limited to only 499 units, finished in Ferrari’s signature colorway, the camera comes with an 80mm lens and an exclusively designed and engineered glass display box.

In addition to the standard Hasselblad camera accessories, the H4D-40 Limited Edition Ferrari Camera will include:

An exclusive hand-made glass topped case specially designed for the Ferrari camera. This attractive case features a luxurious lining, dual storage layers, and the distinctive Ferrari Racing Shield.
A specially designed camera strap.
A Ferrari Welcome Brochure that includes a customized Inspection Certificate.
A Phocus Quick Software DVD made specifically for the Ferrari Edition.
A hand-signed personal Welcome Letter by Hasselblad Chairman and CEO Dr. Larry Hansen.

Unfortunately there is still no word on pricing.

[ Hasselblad ]

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