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A Visual Delight: Louis Vuitton’s ‘All Aboard Games’ Animation

Louis Vuitton celebrates board games with “All Aboard Games,” a mesmerizing video by Paris-based Ill Studio, offering a surreal journey into a Louis Vuitton game case.
“Games come from all corners of the world. The earliest example of dice has been found in Iran, dominos in China, chess in India, and roulette in France. Games have captured the ideas and behaviours of civilizations in certain periods of time and how they challenged their counterparts.Today these board games have become an expression of part of our human nature, the simple rulesets possess profound strategies. The rows of colours and symbols that have become so familiar to us, represent plans of action and chance. Board games and card games have also become a way to travel between the hours before reaching a destination. And while we transition to the different corners of the world, we pollinate the makings of a game from one country to another. Ill Studio has created this graphic video about the universe of games, how they pass the time, evolve from one move to the next in different systems of transition. These graphic compositions feature the many board games that Louis Vuitton offers down to the iconic Damier print created in 1888 recalling the pattern of a chess board.”

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