Most Expensive Nail Polish $250,000 Black Diamond Azature

Most Expensive Nail PolishLos Angeles-based luxury jeweler Azature, the self-declared “Black Diamond King” is now producing a one-of-a-kind bottle of diamond-infused nail polish.

“Retailing for $250,000, the exclusive AZATURE Nail Polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds, assuring that the woman who wears it really is the chicest of them all. Limited to just one bottle, it also makes it a one-of-a-kind item from the world of AZATURE.”

For those of us who can’t afford a quarter of a million dollars for a manicure, Azature is offering a lower-priced nail polish, priced at a reasonable $25 versions that each contain a single black diamond. You’ll be able to pick it up in LA at Fred Segal starting this month. Would you dare to spend $250,000 on the most expensive nail polish ?

[ Azature / Via: Fashionista ]

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