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Hephaestus Motorcycle by Bandit9

Daryl Villanueva’s Bejing based workshop Bandit 9 has a new custom motorcycle out: the Bandit9 Hephaestus, named after the greek god of blacksmiths, sculptors and artisans, Hephaestus. Based on the Honda Bros 400, Hephaestus is a bike that’s completely forged from stainless steel. No paint. Just beautiful raw materials.

“Our goal here at Bandit9 is to deliver a really unique product that’s drastically different from the last. we’ve got a very experimental process that forces us to explore a really daring design territory. we don’t want to be like the other garages out there. we don’t like the rules. it’s the only way we can get our riders to own something that speaks to their individuality – something that sets them apart.”

This sleek, simple beauty sells for RMB 85,000 (Approx. $13,655 USD ) Take a look at the bike below and see more of their work here [ Bandit9 ].