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The Most Expensive Wooden Surfboard $1.3 million

Master surfboard craftsman Roy Stuart makes some of the most sophisticated and expensive surfboards in the world. Roy recently unveiled his latest design – the Rampant. Made of Paulownia wood, the one-of-a-kind 10’6″ Rampant surfboard weights 31 pounds, and can easily hit 35 MPH and over.

“The axis of rotation of the tubular fin is aligned with the axis of the surfboard hull, so there is no added resistance to roll,” Stuart notes. “Fine tuning of this hydrofoil over a 16 year period ensures that the optimal foil section, water flow volume, placement and lift angle is achieved to suit each surfboard hull.”

Featuring a 23-carat gold dragon inlay used in Roy Stuart’s wooden ‘Dragon’ longboard this brilliant beauty can be yours for $1.3 Million.



[Via – Wood-Wworking-Network]

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  1. If he can get someone to actually pay $1.3 million, then good for him. The world is full of imbeciles with more money than brains.

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