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Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis by Iris van Herpen

Champagne brand Dom Pérignon teamed up with Dutch couturier Iris van Herpen for a new limited edition champagne called Dom Perignon Metamorphosis, as well as on a whimsical art object called “Cocoonase.”

“The name Cocoonase references the butterfly which softens her cocoon shell before she goes into her next stage of metamorphosis,” said Iris van Herpen. “This piece of art houses Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004, symbolically nestled inside of the cocoon structure, and its fine ribs and lines represent a one-way passage out. Cocoonase acts as a shield that protects the Dom Pérignon bottle as it prepares for its metamorphosis.”

Cocoonase by Iris van Herpen
Cocoonase by Iris van Herpen


A video was created to showcase the project. Renowned creative visionary Daniel Sannwald complimented Iris van Herpen’s work with a visual film starring Supermodel Anja Rubik exploring Metamorphosis.

The conceptual project was presented last week at New York Fashion Week.

[ Source: Dom Pérignon / Iris van Herpen ]

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