The World’s Most Expensive Halloween Costume Sells for $1.6 Million

Left it to the last minute to get your Halloween costume? Well don’t worry… Morphsuits created the world’s most expensive Halloween costume, priced at 1 million pounds, or approximately $1.6 million U.S. “Morph-a-million” is made the same way as a regular Morphsuit, using a grey spandex costume as the base and diamond-encrusted from head to toe with 70,000 diamonds.

“This costume is the Mercedes Benz of Morphsuits. Someone is going to stand out from the crowd bigtime this Halloween if it sells…!” – Gregor Lawson, co-founder of MorphCostumes, said in a press release.

I guess the owner of this costume will hire bodyguards, when he / she goes trick or treating. Any takers?


Photos: Mark Suddaby / Courtesy of MorphCostumes

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