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Missoni x Converse All Star Chuck ‘70s Collection

Hello shoe addicts how is everyone doing? Converse has once again teamed up with Italian fashion house Missoni for a new sneaker collaboration, the Converse All Star Chuck ‘70 Missoni Collection for Holiday 2014. The collection is comprised of two styles and features Missoni’s well-known prints with luxurious internal warmth and comfort for winter.

“The Converse All Star Chuck ‘70 Missoni Zip Suede pays homage to Japanese “boro” patchwork, combining three varied brown suede tones on the sneaker’s upper to create a subtle, yet contrasting tri-panel look. The cozy interior is lined with custom Missoni mohair, a durable yarn made from the hair of Angora goats that is renowned for its high luster – in this case enhanced by the addition of a subdued Missoni chevron pattern.”


“The Converse All Star Chuck ‘70 Missoni Zip Shearling takes internal warmth to the next level by encasing the foot with a wild and luscious sheep wool lining. The uncut shearling protrudes from behind the laces and out of the ankle opening, and is intended to be worn either as a statement, or trimmed down for a more muted, personalized finish. This unique silhouette is complimented with a brown zigzag stripe Missoni upper, which is infused with dashes of white, and the soft fibers are flax-wrapped before being knitted for extra durability.”

The Holiday 2014 Converse All Star Chuck ‘70 Missoni Collection will be available for purchase starting December 5, 2014 from select store worldwide for a suggested retail price of $200 USD for the Suede, and $250 USD for the Shearling.

[ Source: Converse ]

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