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McLaren 650S Le Mans Special Edition

McLaren celebrates its famous 20th anniversary of the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, with a new special edition model, McLaren 650S Le Mans. Power comes from the same 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 motor producing 641bhp, 500lb ft, 0-62mph in three seconds, 207mph top speed. Inside, the interior is draped in black leather and Alcantara, and features race inspired seats with Le Mans logos stitched into the headrests. Limited to just 50 units the new McLaren 650S Le Mans is priced at £244,500 (Approx. $370,000 USD)  and will be available globally, and deliveries are expected to begin by mid-2015.


[ Source: McLaren ]

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