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Nixie Machine By Frank Buchwald for M.A.D.Gallery

Nixie Machine is a is a jaw-dropping, sculptural clock designed by German artist Frank Buchwald for M.A.D.Gallery (short for “Mechanical Art Devices”), the Geneva boutique of MB&F. Crafted out of burnished steel and brushed brass, the imposing desk clock is equipped with six original Z568M Nixie tubes made by East German company RFT in the ’60s to display the time.

“Nixie Machine embodies my thoughts on time and machines.” says Buchwald. “There is something magical about the way its six digits glow to subtly light up a work or living space. For me, it was an inspiring piece to create and I hope that for others it is an inspiring piece to own and behold.”

Powered by a direct drive mechanism , the Nixie Machine is equipped with a GPS receiver and DCF77 receiver for automatic time and date setting, so it will always be on accurate local time. Priced at 24,800 Swiss francs, including VAT (Approx. $28,882USD) Frank Buchwald’s Nixie Machine comes in a limited edition of only 12 pieces, so you probably won’t be able to score one for your home or office any time soon.

[ Source: M.A.D.Gallery ]

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