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Stylish Galvanize Headphones by Bloc & Roc

British audio specialist Bloc & Roc launched its first line of headphones, the Galvanize S1 and S2. Designed, engineered and assembled in Great Britain from aerospace-grade anodized aluminium and using lambskin leather, the collection features two distinct designs: standard colour edition and a deluxe edition, which features 24-carat gold plating. Both models feature bespoke 40mm dynamic drivers to deliver a powerful yet well-balanced audio experience. The cable is made of braided nylon and has a microphone-equipped remote control, and unfortunately is non-removable. The S1 retails for £120 (Approx. $184 USD), while the 24-carat plated deluxe edition retails for £240 (Approx. $368 USD). The Bloc & Roc Galvanize headphones are available now via their website, or you can shop them in person exclusively at Selfridges.

Galvanize S2 Gold 24k Deluxe
Galvanize S2 Gold 24k Deluxe

Galvanize S1 Grey
Galvanize S1 Grey



Photos Courtesy of Bloc & Roc

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