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Subsix Is The World’s First Underwater Nightclub

Meet Subsix, the world’s first underwater nightclub, a location to experience the Bond lifestyle. First opened in 2012, Subsix is located six metres below the waterline at Per Aquum Niyama in the Maldives, and recently got restyled by Poole Associates. Highlighted activities in the restyled venue include subaquatic lunches, gourmet dinners, weddings, hosted events, wine tastings, a weekly Glow Party and DJ nights carrying on the tradition of its birth as a pioneer-of-the-deep club.
“Subsix is the closest you can get to the reef without a mask or a wetsuit. Guests fell so in love with the setting from the start that we knew we had hit on something special and had to take it to the next level.” – shared in a press release, Per Aquum Niyama’s General Manager Dietmar Koegerl.

Guests can reach Subsix via speedboat, skipping over the reef to its 500-metre offshore location.
What do you think of? Fancy a night out in this underwater nightclub?

[ Niyama-Peraquum ]

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