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Rare New York Leica Gun Prototype Heading To Auction

Leica Camera Rifle
A rare New York Leica Gun Rifle Prototype is expected to fetch €330,000-€350,000 ($340,000-$400,000) at WestLicht auction photography. The rifle camera comes with modified Wetzlar PLOOT mirror housing no.3201 and special bayonet mount Wetzlar viewfinder engraved ‘Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany’ in condenser logo, chrome Leica Standard body no.333361 with modified baseplate, Telyt 4.5/20cm no.272854 with hood, Hektor 4.5/13.5cm no.326299 with hood in short focusing mount and matching red maker’s box, with the original and extremely rare carrying case RIFUN. WestLicht Auction notes that the kit is 100% original and perfect working condition. If you’re interested in putting down a bid, visit the WestLicht auction website and look up lot #33.
Leica Camera Rifle side

Leica Camera Rifle package

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