Fancy A Pair Of Vilebrequin Sapphire Blue Lagoon Luxury Swimwear?

Vilebrequin Sapphire Blue Lagoon
French swim brand Vilebrequin pushed the limits of luxury one step further and introduced the Vilebrequin Sapphire Blue Lagoon, a pair of swim trunks featuring 24-carat gold thread finished with sapphires and 18-carat-gold cord tips. The brand already sold more than 30 pairs of the Blue Lagoon gold swimsuits. The price? You better not ask. What do you think of this decadent product?
vilebrequin-luxury-swimwear-002Retail price:
Danse Or swim short: from €4600 ($5600 – £3900)
Gold aglet: from €1800 ($2150 – £1500)
Gold Sapphire aglet: from €3900 ($4900 – £3500)
Available through a network of selective distribution subject to change
(Vilebrequin stores: London Westfield / Beverly Hills / St-Barthélémy / Marbella)


[ Source: Vilebrequin ]


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