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Lamborghini Concept S Created by Donckerwolke Seeks New Owner

This unique 2006 Lamborghini Concept S design study will cross the auction block at RM Sotheby’s Art Automobiles event in New York City on November 18, 2015. Bearing chassis number ZHWGE32T86LA00001, the car was first introduced to the world at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show as a non-running concept. Designed by Luc Donckerwolke, it represents an extreme interpretation of an open-top Gallardo with innovative “saute-vent” windscreens and a striking central spine running through the cabin. Remarkably, this fully street-legal example has been driven a mere 180 kilometers (112 miles), most of which were accumulated during initial testing. Given its rarity, special design, and low mileage, RM Sotheby’s estimates the Concept S will fetch between $2.4 million and $3 million at auction.


The Concept S garnered such acclaim that Lamborghini frequently requested its return to global events. It was a rare two-time invitee to Pebble Beach, debuting on the concept lawn in 2006. At Lamborghini’s request, it was then invited back to the main field in 2008, underscoring its influence on the brand’s future design direction.2006-Lamborghini-Concept-S-back

[ Source: RM Auctions ]

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