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Harley-Davidson Innsbruck Wins Battle of Kings

Harley-Davidson Innsbruck just won the Austrian Battle of Kings 2015 award with this custom Harley-Davidson Street 750. Built by Austrians Fabian Weber and Gregor Malleier of Harley-Davidson Innsbruck, spending no more than €4,000 on parts and keeping the workshop hours down to 50 or less, the bike features Free Spirits clip-ons, a lowered fork fitted a 19-inch Dyna front wheel, 17-inch out back and a custom saddle with red contrast stitching finishes.

“Before we started the project, I was on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa. I came back inspired by the cafe racer scene,” he says. “I was even more pleased when Gregor assigned the main part of the project to me, such as design and selection of parts!”

Unfortunately the bike is not for sale, but it shows what can be done with a little ingenuity, and not too much cash.

[ Via: Bike Exif ]

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