Bentley Motors Opens First Mountain Lodge in Kitzbühel, Austria

Bentley Lodge, Kitzbühel
British automaker Bentley recently ventured into the hospitality industry with the opening of its first mountain lodge in Kitzbühel, Austria. Managed by the Kitzbühel Country Club, the Bentley Lodge is located in one of the most exclusive skiing locations in the Austrian Alps; Kitzbühel Country Club incorporates a world-class spa, gym and pools, fine bars and restaurants, and a cigar lounge and private cinema, not to mention a full programme of seasonal sports.

‘Every Bentley motor car is created, not merely assembled,’  said in the statement Robert Engstler, Regional Director Europe at Bentley Motors. ‘The interior of each car is trimmed with the finest supple leather, hand-finished wood veneers, gleaming metals and deep-pile carpets and at the Bentley Lodge Kitzbühel we give our customers the opportunity to experience these materials first hand and commission their very own Bentley.’

For now, there is no word yet on whether Bentley will open another lodge elsewhere. The Bentley Lodge Kitzbuehl can now be booked on

Bentley Mountain Lodge in Kitzbühel, Austria
Bentley Mountain Lodge in Kitzbühel, Austria

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