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De Rosa SK Pininfarina Racing Bicycle Will Help You Break Records

Pininfarina has teamed up with Milanese bicycle brand De Rosa to create a true high-end racing bicycle. Unveiled at the Europbike show in Germany, the bicycle weighs just 6.7 kg (14.8 pounds) sporting a carbon fiber frame produced using inner mold tooling, making them very light and strong. The bicycle uses Italian-made components, and comes ready to be fitted out with mechanical and electrical parts.
“Passion and design are the keywords of our collaboration” says Group President Paolo Pininfarina, “Love for speed and high level performance. Design as a means to devise solutions that are innovative from the functional viewpoint and elegant in terms of aesthetics. The SK Pininfarina is a full embodiment of the values we share with De Rosa and the first result of what we hope will be a long-lived collaboration between our two companies”.

The same frame is available in 8 different sizes and colors, and prices in Europe will be between 6,000 and 9,700 euros (approx. $6,750 and $10,900) at current rates.
What do you think about the new bike designed by Pininfarina?

[ Source: Pininfarina ]

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