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Watch Paul Smith’s Durable “A Suit To Travel In” in Action

Paul Smith unveiled its new short film showcasing the “A Suit To Travel In” campaign, all without causing a single crease. Designed for movement, this versatile suit is made from high-twist 100% worsted wool and practical tailoring.

“The yarn comes from the underbelly of a Merino sheep,” explained Paul on how this remarkable fabric function, “which has very long hair. They take that long yarn and they twist it and twist it, then the cloth is also woven very tight. This means that when the suit is made it’s got this lustrous, lively quality – this strong bounce. “If, as a young child, you took a piece of string and twisted you suddenly realised that it leapt into this spiral and that’s basically what happens here.”

Watch British Olympic medallist Max Whitlock demonstrating the incredible flexibility of A Suit To Travel In, in the video below. The suit is available to buy in-store and online. I want one!

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