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Bulova Worn On The Moon Sells For $1.6M

The Bulova Wrist Chronograph, the only privately owned watch, which Apollo 15 commander David Scott wore during NASA’s fourth successful lunar landing mission in 1971, just sold for an astronomical $1,625,000 at Boston-based RR Auction. The watch bearing model number 885104/01 2’509’052 is absolutely gorgeous, has a black tachometer bezel, triple sub-dials with an oversized velcro nylon strap.
Apollo 15 commander David Scott
An excerpt from Scott’s letter reads: “The Bulova Lunar EVA (Wrist) Chronograph and attached velcro wrist strap…was worn by me on the lunar surface during the third EVA of Apollo 15, and then in lunar orbit and return to Earth…The primary use of the wrist chronograph on the surface of the Moon was to track…the elapsed time of consumables use (oxygen, water, and battery) in the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) backpack…Our mission was to basically double the capabilities and requirements of previous missions, including especially the duration of EVAs outside the Lunar Module…At the moment of liftoff, I was fully responsible for the mission and the safety of my crew…Among the decisions I made, the monitoring and use of time was perhaps the most important…Time is of the essence during human lunar expeditions—and exploration time on the surface is limited by the oxygen and water (for cooling) we can carry in our backpacks…Knowledge of precise time remaining was essential…as a backup to the standard issued Omega chronograph, I carried and used a Bulova chronograph on the lunar surface…this unique strap was…worn during…each of my three EVAs on the lunar surface.”

If you had the money, would you buy this rare piece?

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