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Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1060 Headphones, The Best Ever?

Nearly 25 years later, Sennheiser has has released an update to its legendary Orpheus headphones. The company has once again redefined the standard for high end audio, with the NEW Sennheiser HE 1060 Headphone and HEV 1060 Vacuum Tube Amplifier – producing a phenomenal claimed 8Hz to 100KHz frequency response, far beyond what human ears are capable of hearing. Each pair will be hand-crafted in Germany, using over 6,000 components including gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes, platinum-vaporized diaphragms, and Carrara marble.

“The properties of the marble optimally protect the amplifier’s core, and its unique structure turns each Orpheus into an individual work of art,” said Maurice Quarré, director of Select & Audiophile at Sennheiser.

The Orpheus is a truly superb piece of kit, and a thing of beauty, and I’m sure the clarity is absolutely unbelievable. Available from next year, you’ll be able to buy this for around $55,000.

[ Sennheiser ]

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