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Vertu Aster Yosegi Wood Limited Edition

Luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu unveiled a new limited edition called Aster Yosegi Wood, a perfect blend of traditional Japanese art with Vertu’s material innovation and contemporary design. Combining traditional designs deriving from bamboo weaves and fishnets, the Aster Yosegi Wood boast a 4.7-inch, high contrast display at 473dpi, protected by sapphire crystal, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3GHz Quad-core processor, 13 MP main camera, Hasselblad certified imaging , 64GB of internal memory and 2275mAh Li-ion battery.
“Yosegi woodcraft is a form of traditional Japanese marquetry which originated over 200 years ago during Japan’s culturally rich Edo Period. Wooden strips made of Basswood dyed in different colours are carefully laminated together to form an oblong rod. Many rods are combined to form a large wooden block. The master craftsman then delicately shaves off a veneer layer, which showcases the intricate pattern that is characteristic of Yosegi. “

“The idea to use wood for a special edition is kind of a natural progression to me: it is a luxury material, it is a natural growing resource, you can create beautiful patterns and designs with it… and it also fulfils all of our technical needs, it is light, non-conductive, strong and durable.” explains Vertu Head of Design Hutch Hutchison.

Priced from £7,200 (Approx. $10,892 USD) Aster Yosegi Wood comes with a beige and black calf leather case and is limited to only 50 pieces. So, any takers?

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