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Alexander McQueen Astounds Us With Their New Hand Painted Floral Shoes

Alexander McQueen Men's Autumn Winter 2016
Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton took a Victorian gothic approach to the Fall/Winter 2016 menswear collection presented in London. Magnificent doesn’t even come close to describe the hand painted floral shoes, military inspired pieces, perfectly fitted frock coats, skirted jackets and oversized floral prints. Watch the full runway show below and let us know what do you think of ?

“The collection is inspired by traditional British tailoring to give a wardrobe of classically elegant pieces. Cashmere, camel, chevron wool, morning stripe are trimmed with velvet or embroidered. A great coat is made from a floral tapestry based on oil paintings; the same print is applied on silk to produce a single breasted 2 button suit and trenchcoat. Silk twill shirts in a fitted or oversized silhouette are printed in Darwinian style renderings or drawings of fossil figures or snake specimens. Classic Argyll and Fairisle knitwear are distressed. Butterflies are a key design feature of the collection – there are specimen drawings of them woven as a jacquard and worn as a full suit or swarms of butterflies embroidered on a flannel Crombie or camel hair knitted jumper. Moths embroidered on a boiled pinstriped wool suit are shrouded in tulle. Military references feature prominently in the collection, from silver buttons to epaulettes embroidered with brass butterflies. Ceremonial jackets come in a paisley soutage or are decorated in jet beading. Floral printed velvet suits are encrusted with diamanté and jet beading and metal sequins in a paisley pattern creeps down a tailored jacket and coat. Trousers come fitted with a flare or tapered and cropped at the ankle and trimmed with velvet ribbon or satin.”

Music: TOY “Conductor”
Written and performed by TOY
Courtesy of Heavenly Recordings/Heavenly Songs
By arrangement with Woodwork Music/Bucks

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