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Gargantua Is The Most Expensive Chocolate In the World $14K

Most Expensive Chocolate Gargantua 3Is this the world’s most expensive chocolate? Kazakh company The Ross Limited has unveiled an extravagant hexagonal box of luxury chocolates priced at $14,000. Touted as the “most expensive chocolate in the world,” the collection features six chocolate pieces, each designed with a distinct geometric shape, adorned with 585th-test gold, and packaged in a luxurious faceted hexagonal box made of pure volcanic glass.
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“These three superstars throughout their lives showed us an example of creating an absolute beauty. This is our value, and that is why we dedicate our gifts for them. The whole scheme of our brand is designed in accordance with the “divine proportion”, the golden section. Great artists and the creators of history have used the ratio of the “golden section”. Every detail is absolutely essential for us, as we want to make the best chocolate in the world.” – stated in a press release the founder of The Ross Limited Mr Adilkhan Sartayev.
Most Expensive Chocolate Gargantua 1
The company plans to produce 1,000 boxes has no plans to sell the chocolates, instead wants to gift the luxury treats to people that Sartayev believes have “contributed to arts.” Chocolate anyone?

[ Source: Ross Limited ]

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