The Cayonetas Islands in Panama Can Be Yours for $100 Million

A rare trio of pristine Pacific Islands – Bayoneta, Cañas & La Caida , collectively named Cayonetas Islands, will be introduced to the market for the first time in 35+ years for $100 Million. Located at just a 20-30 minute helicopter ride from Panama City, the trio boast 50 pristine beaches, 19 miles of coastline and approximately 1800 acres; 70% of the islands must remain a nature preserve, while the remaining 30% are eligible for eco-conscious development. Currently undeveloped and uninhabited, they are home to 12 new subspecies of birds not found on the mainland. 100 million for a trio of tropical islands? What a bargain! So, any takers?



[ Pangea World / Via : Robb Report ]

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