Clive Christian Unveils Two New Twist Fragrances: Violet and Chamomile

Clive Christian No1 Twist Violet and Chamomile
Acclaimed British designer Clive Christian has launched two new twist fragrances: Violet and Chamomile. No 1 Twist Chamomile highlights the delicate scent of soothing English Chamomile, which matches perfectly with the original nutmeg, pimento and lime top notes, as well as the heart of ylang ylang, rose and jasmine, whilst perfectly complementing the base of creamy sandalwood and complex vetiver.
Clive Christian No1 Twist Chamomile

No 1 Twist Violet shares the beauty of Egyptian violet, beautifully blended with the original rich plum and fruit notes, as well as adding a lighter touch to the heart of orris, jasmine and rose. The beauty and longevity of No1 remains with the soft base of vanilla, cedarwood and sandalwood.
Clive Christian No1 Twist Violet

Both parfumes are available at Harrods, priced at £495 ($650) for 50ml bottle.

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