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How to Wear Pearls at the Office: Essential Pearl Pieces and Styling Tips

Wearing pearls at weddings and high-end parties is not a new thing. Since pearls returned under the spotlight in the last years, becoming the new diamonds, it is easy to figure out they are all the rage right now when it comes to evening outfits. One main advantage of pearls (over diamonds) is that they can be worn also in formal, uptight and conservative business and office contexts without looking flashy or out of place. Today we will take a look over some pearl essential pieces and some styling tips to make these gems the perfect accessories for business outfits.

1. The Pearl Necklace


When it comes to pearl jewelry, the necklace is your go-to piece. Varying in length and being versatile enough to accompany you from your 9 a.m. business meeting to your 9 p.m. fancy dinner party, the necklace is the mandatory piece to style up a business outfit.

  • Pick a simple, single-strand pearl choker for a crew neck office dress if you want to pull off a feminine, demure and sophisticated look.
  • If you wear a classic combo like slim-fit shirt and pencil dress, wear a princess pearl necklace to style up the outfit in an elegant manner. If you want to add a bit of glam to a conventional power suit, pick a rope necklace and make a knot or wrap a circle or two around your neck.
  • A simple single strand pearl choker can be further paired with a pair of matching pearl studs for a more sophisticated business look. Try white pearls as they go with anything you can imagine or colored pearls (in pink, lavender, champagne or dark overtones) if you want to match them with the attire and your skin tone.

2. The Pearl Bracelet


Another versatile and sophisticated piece of jewelry, a pearl bracelet can be the only high-end piece of jewelry to highlight and compliment a business outfit. You can wear a single strand bracelet with a pair of matching studs or a multi-strand one (looking glamorous and stylish) as the only statement piece of you attire.

The basic rule of wearing pearls at the office is to pick understated pieces that are discrete and feminine without being over the top. You can preserve your South Sea colored precious pearl statement necklace for black tie events and special occasions. Take a look at the jewelry pieces on pearlsonly.com and choose an elegant pearl set with earrings, bracelet and necklace as a long-term investment. You can wear each piece separately at the office and the full ensemble at glamorous parties.

3. Pearl Earrings


Among all models and types of pearl earrings, the pearl studs are your best choice. They are sensual, discrete, elegant and refined and they go great with any color scheme, type of outfit or business environment. The versatility of pearl studs is incomparable: they work great with a high-end power suit and more casual corporate attire with shirt and jeans. You can also wear a combination of refined pearl drop earrings and a simple pearl ring for harmony and symmetry as long as you don’t let the set become too loud. As rings go, keep a simple pearl ring for business and casual occasions and a statement cocktail ring for parties and classy events.

Some experts advise women to wear only one pearl piece at a time to avoid drawing too much attention. However, there are a few elegant and sophisticated combinations that work even in rigid business environments:

  • A pearl pendant with a pair of studs / a small pearl ring
  • A single strand pearl bracelet with a pair of pearl studs or dangle pearl earrings
  • A pearl choker with a pair of pair of drop earrings.

There are many rules of properly wearing and styling pearls, but when it comes to office outfits, the main secret is to achieve a balanced look: understated pieces can be mixed as long as they don’t look flashy and don’t come in chunky and massive designs. Do you wear pearls in business environments or are you keeping them safe for special occasions?


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