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Stylish Designer Travel Bags to Accompany You This Year on All Your Trips

Women love to travel in style, just as they love to look gorgeous at work, down in the street or at parties. While not trading personal comfort for looks, some ladies can exquisitely pull off fashionable and cool travel attire even if they go on vacation or on a globetrotting adventure. The fashion world also agrees. Looking at runways and fashion shows one can clearly notice that travel bags became all the rage this year.

Famous designers brought the versatile backpacks back on the podium, offering the perfect balance in between comfort, freedom of movement, versatility and incredible designs. Moreover, a travel buff has plenty of choices available to pull off a traveling outfit that speaks volumes about her personality, attitude and sense of style. Today we will take a look at some of the most interesting travel bags dedicated to free spirited women who love to travel.

Three Bags to Rule them All

Women know they should pack light for a trip and when it comes to bags, the fashion world is ready to offer its best. This year’s runways were flooded with designers’ travel roller cases, daypacks, messenger bags, backpacks and carry-on bags for stylish women who travel light but in high style.

The Stylish Casual Chic Travel Backpack

Valentino’s “Animali Fantastici” backpack is perfect for those ladies who feel young at heart, adventurous and hip as the prints and the bag’s construction allows plenty of outfits to be created with ease. Such backpack is perfect for weekend getaways, stylish business trips and city-breaks. A backpack allows you to move anywhere, have your hands free and keep all your belongings safe. Designers such as Mark Jacobs and his “Biker” backpacks and Saint Laurent with his “City” collection found the perfect balance between women’s carrying needs and their styling needs.

As travel backpacks go, specialist recommend mid sizes coming together with at least a laptop / tablet compartment and plenty of easy-to-access pockets kept safe by buckles or zippers. Canvas backpacks with leather finishing or faux leather backpacks in contemporary or vintage styles add class and refinement to any traveling outfit, be it a business one or a casual-sporty one.

The Versatile Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are all the rage right now and Serbags quality messenger bags are perfect for the avid road traveler who is open to new experiences, new landscapes and new unbeaten paths to take. Sporty yet stylish in design, these messenger bags were created this year to meet a traveling woman’s needs: comfortable, sturdy, good looking, with plenty of storage space and allowing all the freedom of movement one desires. Messenger bags are extremely versatile, as they work impeccably with a business suit for a quick business trip, a sporty outfit for exotic vacations and a casual urban outfit for city breaks abroad.

The Timeless Carry-On

The Victorinox Spectra roller bag is dedicated to women taking longer voyages, for pleasure or for business. An awarded travel bag, among others, this one can be defined as “easy” and “flexible”. The easiness doesn’t come from the bag’s weight, but from a very interesting feature: the carry-on has a quick access door which allows you to reach important personal stuff without opening the entire suitcase and ruining the packing of your clothes. Such feature suddenly makes air and train travel a lot more comfortable and efficient.

Travel and even fashion experts have plenty of light-travel tips and tricks and numerous recommendations on how to have fun and be comfortable while taking trips without burdening ourselves with stuff. If you are a tech aficionado and want to go the full ten yards, you should also consider the newer and revolutionary smart carry-on bags which come with portable power sources, integrated apps, incorporated scales which tell you how heavy the bag really is and so on. When it comes to traveling in style, it seems that designers, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and travel experts joined hands to offer you the most comfortable, fashionable and stunning bags.

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