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A Look Inside Marc Jacobs’ New York City Townhouse

Marc Jacobs certainly has an eye for style, and it’s not limited to his fashion. Recently, the fashion superstar opened the doors of his luxurious four-floor Greenwich Village home for Architectural Digest, for its annual Style Issue.
Marc purchased the newly constructed home for $10.495 million back in 2009, for himself and his fiancé at that time, Lorenzo Martone, and has since filled the 4,500 square foot space with a variety of expensive art and beautiful furniture.
Each item in the carefully curated home tells a tale.
The fashion veteran worked with the famous interior designers Paul Fortune, John Gachot, and Thad Hayes on his Greenwich Village townhouse.
“I’m not big on having a particular concept or look,” Jacobs says in response to a query about the aesthetic sensibility of his home. “I just want to live with things I genuinely love—great Art Deco furniture, pieces from the ’70s, and contemporary art. But I didn’t want the house to feel like a pristine gallery or a Deco stage set—just something smart, sharp, and comfortable.”
For more images and information on Marc Jacob’s home be sure to pay a visit to Architectural Digest website.

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