Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Speaker System Pumps Pure Audio Bliss

Lamborghini Ixoost EsavoxMeet the Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Bluetooth Speaker from the Italian audio geniuses at, Ixoost. Built around actual Lamborghini exhaust tailpipes the docking station is built like an extreme car: polymerized carbon fiber monocoque body, housing 600 watts of power with a gorgeous Start/Stop button like in the Aventador supercar.
An additional 15-inch neodymium subwoofer also supplies 200 watts of extra power.
The EsaVox features Bluetooth 4.0 and an RCA audio connector to enjoy pure, sublime music.
The Lamborghini-inspired speaker is available in color options of black, red, orange or yellow comes at a Lamborghini-level price, costing $24,000 USD.

Any takers?

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