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3 Spring Hair And Beauty Makeovers Straight From The Runway

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Hands up who else wasted half their Saturday night prep time stomping around in front of their wardrobe throwing the world’s biggest ‘I have nothing – NOTHING! – to wear’ tantrum?

We’re all guilty of indulging in a little melodramatic sartorial crisis every now and then, but they’re even more common at the end of winter.

Because, as you’re well aware, we’re stuck in that horrible transitional phase where we’re downright sick of wearing winter clothes, yet unable to rock spring’s upcoming fashion without risking hypothermia.

So in the spirit of looking forwards, we’re running through three of the hottest new summer hair and beauty trends you can start playing around with right now.

Hopefully, they’ll help you beat your style slump and get back into the swing of things just in time for next weekend!

#1: the wavy lob

If you somehow haven’t heard of the lob yet (a long bob, for anyone not quite up to speed), you will soon enough because it’s one of 2017’s biggest hairstyles.

You can wear it super straight and glossy, but we think it works best styled into beachy, messy waves. Don’t be fooled by this seemingly effortless look, though – it’s not exactly low maintenance.

You’ll need to curl your hair every morning (Mark Hill’s affordable range of salon quality curling wands is our favourite), before applying some sea salt spray to add some much-needed texture. It’s insanely flattering, though, and is well worth the grooming commitment.

#2: pretty hair accessories

Back in the 90s, no do was complete without a few multi-coloured butterfly clips, and finally hair accessories are coming back into fashion. This year’s Oscars red carpet glittered with an array of decorative grips and bands, and it’s a super easy look to copy.

One option we’re completely obsessed with is a black velvet ribbon, as seen on the Emilia Wickstead AW17 runway. Use one to tie your hair half up or wrap one around your ponytail to conceal the bobble.

Be warned, though, there’ll be no collapsing straight into bed at the end of the night without removing it, no matter how many cocktails you’ve drunk. If you do, your tresses will end up as one giant messy tangle.

#3: makeup contrasts

The makeup trends for spring and summer 2017 fall into two very different camps – clean, fresh and natural skin practically devoid of cosmetic products, or a completely over-the-top, multi-coloured look complete with glitter.

It means the ball’s in your park, you can go as bold or subtle as you like. When you’re in desperate need of an extra 10 mins in bed, skip your usual makeup routine for some tinted moisturiser and a hint of soft, dewy blush.

And then, when you’re in the mood for a little drama, go all-out school disco with some glitzy Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow (Diamond Dog’s our favourite shade!).

There you have it, our pick of the three hottest hair and beauty trends that’ll revolutionise your style. Which one’s your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know.


Photo Courtesy of InStyle


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