BMW R65 Riot Starter by Ironwood Custom Motorcycles

BMW R65 Riot Starter
’The Riot Starter’ is the latest work to roll out from Amsterdam-based custom garage founded by Arjan van den Boom & Partner. Based on the 1986 BMW R65, the bike features a custom reinforced frame, gas tank and rear fender borrowed from a Honda CB400, custom saddle made by Miller Kustom Upholstery, a Harley Davidson side-mount headlight, a 3-piece Stainless steel exhaust system, a Caferacers United speedo, DNA carb power filters, and Continental TKC80 tires among many other custom upgrades.
The bike also has some cool gadgets, an engine emergency stop of waterjetski and an USB-charger for your phone.

What do you think of this fantastic BMW R65 Scrambler?

Photos: Jackson Kunis


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